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  1. If you are running a business or starting a new tech start-up, Your sales skill is very important. Are sales people born or can you learn to be a good sales person?

    I read an article this morning from Harvard business review's blog. I was able to reach the following conclusions after reading it.

    To excel in sales, you must be able to motivate yourself. I have noticed that most tech startups are motivated by passion for what they do. That is good to get them started. However, the sad truth is that, passion can only get you started, it will not take you to the promised land. You need to know how to motivate yourself even in hard times and during rejection. Ask those who started twitter, they were mocked when they started. Top sales people are not easily discouraged.

    Another point that is often ignored by many. Excellent sales people are Modest. It isn't about you or your product. No matter how excited you are about the service you have designed, you won't be the one using it. Get out from the center stage and allow your customers take the center stage and shine. Only then can you be able to enchant them.

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