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  1. Am not a superman

    Aug 4, 2010

    For the love of God, what is it with me? I thought I was a superman, little did I know that heroes fall too. For the past few weeks it has been really challenging, I think it is the time of test. I have read, I have spoken and motivated people many times over. Now my real life test has presented itself to me.

    Making choices can be as tough as swimming the ocean and as simple as breaking a single broom stick. When it comes to making some critical decisions that will alter the course of one’s life, you cannot help but be a little anxious or confused.

    That is where I am now, and I am writing about it. In the part two when I must have conquered this feeling that almost drowned me. I will equally write about it. I am going to come out in flying colours in this test of mine so help me God!

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    1. I got that feeling like a BUG. Instead of just drowning in missery, I stood up to it. I got the courage to move on now. I read this from a friend post on FB and it helped me decide:

      "Adversity introduces a man to himself. And we must know ouselves before we know what needs to die. Be bold. Cowardice keeps man double minded, hesitating between two worlds. True faith abandons one option for another. Hesitation is the death of faith. - Ted Dekker."

      Now you should know how important it is to sorround yourself with good company.

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