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  1. Not until I got to the forum, I was not sure what to expect. The programme was put together by a group called INTERFACE. It is a collection of young minds from all works of life that are coming together to thinker how to use the resources around us to achieve excellence. It was my first time at any of their meetings.

    The first speaker was talking about UNLOCKING YOUR PERSONAL EXCELLENCE. She shared three keys that can help one not to live a mediocre life. The keys are; the will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential. Many of us do not reach our full potential because we do not stretch ourselves; we love to stay in our comfort zones. Those things we are used to daily, is what we do day-in day-out.

    We become so used to it that trying something new becomes our greatest fear. She explained that when we stretch to our uncomfortable zone, we begin to tap into our potential. When you move out of your comfort zone you start conquering your limitations. For example, taking an extra course or learning a new skill may be uncomfortable. However it will add to you and increase your performance.
    The second speaker was Tosin, a lecturer at the University Of Lagos, an engineer and a writer. She spoke on CREATIVE CURRICULUM. She started by asking; ‘what do you read?’ she gave a list of online materials she reads as well as printed materials. (She reads a lot). She admitted the fact that the new generation likes to learn in a more interactive way than the old school style of learning. Some websites were given;,, and some others.
    The next speaker was well applauded, Bellanaija. She runs a blog/website which is into fashion and style. ( She has worked with Shell Canada, Cadbury in Britain and Cadbury Nigeria. I did not quite get her topic. However, she gave four points that can help and individual navigate life well. They are; Passion, strategy and structure, consistency and pace. I liked what she said about passion. She said passion is everywhere, many people are booming with passion, but they do not have the right strategy/structure to turn the passion into reality. The strategy she went on to say is the right plan for action. Friend, it is not just the passion, you need the right plan. What is your own plan?
    Lamie, spoke about social media. The likes of facebook, twitter, buzz and the rest were mentioned. She mentioned that it is not a revolution but an Evolution. We have always socialised and interacted, but technology has evolved and companies need to leverage on it to reach out to their customers.
    Mr. Uche from Glo Nigeria, spoke of the value of 9 to 5 job while working on your dream. However, I think it is not a must you get a 9-5 job before you can finance your vision. You could get a few things here and there while working on your vision. Sometimes, if your idea is good enough you can get venture capitalist to invest in your idea. He mentioned something I was almost forgetting, Digital DNA. Do you know what he meant by digital DNA? When you are online be careful what you do. Build an online presence, as some companies after seeing your cv will just type your name in google and see what will come up. The Digital DNA is those things you do and leave here and there on the internet.
    The last speaker struck me. Tolu spoke on FAILING FORWARD. He graduated from UNILAG with chemistry and did not apply for a job, but started a magazine, Window Shoppers. The magazine gradually evolved into a discount solution they developed and gained partnership with Skye bank and Interswitch. He is the initiator of YPM. He kept saying that he saw it in his head; he never had any money to finance his vision but kept working on his idea. He is one of the pools of creative talent we have in this country.
    I got the push that I need to work on myself, pick up new skills and expand my comfort zone.
    Secondly, I got from what bellanaija that passion is not everything, but a well structured plan in needed to give your vision motion. Vision, all over the place will become noise without a plan and well structured direction.
    Thirdly, social media is a leverage we all should be considering using to build a personal brand for ourselves. It can help us to build business across borders.
    If you will like to attend the next one you can send a mail ( and I will send you the details. The date and venue is yet to be decided.

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