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  1. As I opened my blogger account this afternoon after a long time, I felt guilty. I have not been actively blogging in the last one year since I started working in digital marketing communication with a smartphone brand. Do I miss it? Yes. Did I really stop writing? No.

    I have written more emails, plan documents, tweets and instant messages in the last one year. If they were to be books, I am sure I would have written four to five books. Yeah. So, I am writing this article to tell myself that there is no reason for me to feel guilty. Aha!

    I have also not been reading books actively on my Kindle. I read blog posts, the Bible and emails. I think I can do better and start reading actively again. Then I might have more motivations to update this blog a lot more.

    At the moment, I still enjoy using gadgets and reviewing them--but they are limited to just one brand. I have an iPhone, TECNO Camon C8, C9, C7 and BOOM J8 at the moment. Of all these devices, I am enjoying the C9 more as I can shoot awesome photos with it.

    I have grown so much in my career in the last one year. It has been the most rewarding for me. I got to travel through Ethiopia to China and then visited five Nigerian cities by road taking pictures with the TECNO Camon C9. Very rewarding adventure.

    Plus I got married last year, yes. I had no big expectations of marriage--I simply married my friend and it has contributed to my growth.

    I am at a crossroad now as to what this blog should be about going forward. But as with my life, I will let serendipity be the guide and if you are with me, I will certainly be updating this blog a lot more.

    You can follow me on Twitter: JesseOguns

  2. Samsung Mobile Nigeria called me a few days back and handed me a review unit of the Samsung GALAXY Tend Lite to examine. The Trend Lite is an Android phone with very basic specifications with impressive battery life.

    The phone is available for sale in the market for N15,000 in NIgeria. What has my experience been with the phone?

  3. This is the first guest blog post on the Brand Evangelist. I have been quiet for a while, but I have had so many things to write but I haven't published them. With Sade Adetayo doing me the honour and guest blogging here, I might just publish more frequently here.

    This post is going to help you decide what tablet you should buy. I know folks are always looking for guidance on what tablet to that meets their specification. I leave you to Sade.

    Things You Should Know Before Buying a Tablet by Sade Adebayo

    Digital life is constantly changing and developing. And the moment you thought portable computers were the last frontier of technology, tablets came in and revolutionized the whole trend and the ways people work, read, communicate, learn and inform themselves.

    If you intend to buy one of yourself or give one for Christmas, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind before purchasing it, especially when it comes to understanding which one is the best.

  4. Samsung is dominating the Android platform. One GALAXY after the other is being released to the market. As I type this, Samsung GALAXY Note 3 plus Samsung GALAXY Gear is availablefor pre-order here in Nigeria. I am yet to lay my hands on any of those two devices. Hopefully I will soon.

    At the moment, I just got the Samsung GALAXY MEGA 5.8  and I  shall be using it as my device for the next one month, after which I will write my thoughts about the phone.

    The Samsung GALAXY MEGA 5.8 Duos is dual microSIM phone running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2.

  5. The Pliris Blaze+ package

    Android phones are great in the way they are within the reach of different segment of the market. It is one of the reasons that the share of Android in the market has overtaken that od Apple's iOS. Unlike the Apple's iPhone running iOS, every other person can find an Android phone that suits their style and their pocket—like the Galaxy Pocket by Samsung.

    From home here in Nigeria, we have our own Pliris Blaze+ from Pliris Mobile. Let me give you my very first impression in reviewing the phone. I have had the phone for a couple of days and I have been playing with it.

  6. Getting Things Done

    May 14, 2012

    to do list
    I have fallen victim to the to do list many times. I know there are many people who are fans of to do list. I am a fan too. I recently tried something else than increased my output which I’d like to share with you.
    Creating a to do list and stocking it up can be overwhelming. Looking at a long list of things you need to do before the end of the day. As you move from one task to the other, the list seems to grow longer. It will be very difficult to focus on the task at hand when your mind is busy imagining the long list of things you still need to check off.
    What did I start doing differently?
    Rather than stock my day with a long list of items on my to do list, I will write the to do list, but pick three to four items than I can comfortably focus on and get it over with. I have found that with the passage of time, the amount of guilt I feel over not having a well stocked up to do list has reduced and I am getting more done.
    As I have often told myself and I agree is the truth, it is never done. I don’t know anyone who ever finishes a day’s job in that day. the Job is never finished. There would always be something extra to add and to do. Why not focus on the high priority tasks and move with those?
    It is better to do three things out of ten very well than to do the whole ten in a shoddy manner.
    How do you use your to do list? Please share with me in the comments.
    Photo: Credit JD'na, Flickr

  7. There is a whole lot of Drama happening in the mobile phone space. While some are raking in some profit, others are counting losses. Regardless of how Nokia may be tanking, I still fancy some of their devices. One of the reasons I am drawn to Nokia phones is that they really do connect people by providing quality at an affordable price.

    nokia 603 email nokia 603 iphone 3gs

    With me here is the Nokia 603, a low budget and entry level smartphone that packs a lot of performance. There’s hardly anything you want to do that the Nokia 603 can’t do. Except for the love it is not getting from some developers. Aside from that, it is a lovely device for entry level users and still packs some power too. Before I tell you about its awesomeness, what are the Hardware features?

    Key Hardware features of The Nokia 603

    113.5 x 57.1 x 12.7 mm in dimensions, 109.6g in weight, 74.4cc by volume; monoblock touch form factor

    • 3.5 inch ClearBlack Display TFT touchscreen; 640 x 360 pixels resolution (nHD); scratch resistant front window made from toughened glass.
    • 1GHz processor with GPU co-processor for accelerated graphics and video (2D/3D Graphics HW Accelerator with OpenVG1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 support).
    • 5 megapixel full focus (EDoF) camera (no LED flash); HD video capture at 1280 x 720 (720p and 30 frames per second)
    • Integrated GPS with location support for GPS, A-GPS, WLAN and Cell-ID location techniques.
    • Compass (magnetometer), accelerometer, proximity and ambient light sensors.
    • 3.5 mm Nokia audio connector for audio out FM Radio with RDS
    • microUSB (USB 2.0) for file transfers, charging and USB OTG functionality
    • BP-3L battery with easy access battery cover (standby time of 19 days and talk time of 16 hours (GSM) and 7 hours (WCDMA).
    • WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100 and GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 (HSDPA Cat 10 - 14.4 MBps, HSUPA Cat 6 - 5.76 Mbps)
    • WiFi: WLAN IEEE802.11 b/g and Bluetooth 3.0
    • Processor: ARM 11 at 1 GHz, RAM: 512MB (Which provides a faster processing when you are using it)
    • 2GB mass memory and microSD card slot (supports sizes up to 32GB), 340MB user memory (C: drive)
    • In box contents: Nokia 603, Nokia Battery BP-3L, Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-179, Nokia Headset WH-207, Nokia High Efficiency Charger AC-10.

    Those are the hardware features of the phone.

    This phone is low budget at N38,000 [$240 USD in a Nigerian Store], but I was able to enjoy some superb performance from the phone. In what ways does the phone excel?

    1. CBD – Clear Black Display. Most of the low budget phones, unlike the Nokia 500 and some others that are available out there, the Nokia 603 has awesome visibility when you are under the direct sunlight. You won’t have to squint or use your second hand to cover the screen for visibility. Enough reason to type while walking on the street. Stop! Don’t! A man was walking and texting on the street and almost walked into a bear. But if you are in an emergency or have any other reason to use your phone in the sun, you we find this feature very useful. The display is clearer and sharper than that of my Nokia N8. Only that it does not have the camera power of the Nokia N8.

    CBD Nokia 603 

    2. 5 mega pixel camera – Although the 5 mega pixel camera does not have LED flash, it shoots superb photographs when there is enough lighting from a secondary source—outdoor during the day, indoor with enough lighting.

    ozumba indoor

    3. Availability of compatible applications – there are some newer phone models, especially those running Nokia Belle that may not be compatible with some of your favourite apps. In this case, I observed that all my favourite apps works well—Gravity, Opera mini/mobile, Youtube Downloader, Podcatche, Whatsapp, Joiku Spot and more. There are more apps in the Nokia Store, but you don’t want to crowd your phones with apps that you don’t intend to use.

    4. Emails management – The email widget is awesome, with clean UI. Sending Emails with the Nokia 603 is a user’s delight. Using Microsoft Exchange Active Sync was easy. I was able to download my contact to the phone using Exchange active Sync. With it, I was able to Sync calendar, Contact and my Note from my Google Mail account.

    5. The Text Messaging UI got a facelift especially with the Nokia Belle FP1 that was released yesterday. It makes test messaging more addictive.

    6. Well, the Nokia 603 uses a micro SIM. I am not a fan of micro SIMs, but I got my MTNNG SIM cut to micro using a SIM cutter You can do so too, or go get a SIM swap, whichever works best for you.


    7. The Phone is what I will describe as a marble. It is a budget phone, but it is also beautiful. Is it does not look cheap.

    8. It can view attachments—PDFs, Word Documents, Excell and more. It has even gotten the complete Microsoft Office Mobile App. With this you can use the apps that are provided by Microsoft themselves and be comfortable with it.

    9. If you’re a DropBox user. There is support for Dropbox on the Nokia 603 via a third party app called CuteBox. This is one tool I like using to store my files in the cloud among my devices—laptop and Mobile phone

    10. The battery life is impressive. It last a whole day with constant connection over an EDGE network. I connect it to 3G+ only when I have to download. For me, EDGE works just fine, when I am not streaming videos or downloading stuff.

    11. Music player is awesome and the speakers have superb output. It has got capacitive touchscreen instead of resistive touch screen. Come to think of it, the screen is TFT and not capacitive. It does not act that way. It has TFT-LCD Clear-Black display with IPS technology for improved contrast and viewing angles.Plus the screen is scratch resistance. How is that for a low budget phone? [Thanks to Adam for the input :)]

    12. The 512 RAM and 1Ghz ROM makes is more snappier than the Nokia N8. After updating to Nokia Belle FP1, I noticed that the transition from Landscape to portrait is snappier and acts like the normal iPhone would act

    13. There is also an option that will allow you to check the amount of data you have consumed over time. You can clear it and reset it

    What are those things I do not like about the Nokia 603?

    1. No LED flash for shooting indoor, at night and when there is poor lighting.

    2. Apps that I have grown to love like BufferApp, Springpad and Evernote are not available

    The phone wins with me, especially considering the price. And now it got the Nokia Belle fp1. This is just awesome.

    Should you buy the phone? Yes, especially if you’re not expecting some of those apps that are not available on Symbian. Good value for your money. In these parts where power is a problem, you will get some impressive battery performance. Note: first time smartphone users will enjoy this device. Don’t forget it is an all touchscreen phone.

    Is there anything you’d like to know? ask in the comments below.

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